Autumnal gifts Siopa Glas

If you know someone with an autumn birthday or need a little gift just because... even if its something nice just for yourself this post is for you know from my Instagram page I just love cute things and making little display areas for different occasions.
Laura from has the most beautiful sustainable eco-friendly candles including this Autumn candle-they come in lovely packaging and smell divine. is the place to go for some decor gifts again not just halloween-they have a great selection of pieces with touches of crochet and their sales help to fund their pumpkin lodge sanctuary so it's a win-win purchase. is the shop to go to if you are looking for on theme earrings or know someone into spooky accessories! is where you will find Joannes hand painted candles which are just stunning-they are little works of art and perfect new home gifts.
All the shops mentioned also have lots of other items in their shops so go check them out and let me know what you buy,
Aideen xo

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